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”helping you to make informed decisions”

Welcome to Tim Fleming Associates.

Tim Fleming Associates Limited is a small to medium sized, boutique accounting firm based in Parnell, Auckland.

As chartered accountants and business advisors, we are deeply passionate about people and business.

As business advisors we can really add value by delivering guidance and wisdom to your unique situation. We want to understand your business dreams and aspirations, so that we can help guide you on your journey to achieve them.

As a small business ourselves, we know what it means to be in business in New Zealand. The world of business and commerce can be challenging and often stressful. Our desire is to simplify and guide. Taxes and compliance are a given delivery for any reasonable accounting firm, but the higher levels of engagement are where true value for you the business owner begin.

Business is about making decisions. As a business owner, making decisions can be complex and often this takes a toll. We understand this and work with you to empower your own decision-making.

Business decisions have far-reaching effects. They impact over time, they cost money and the various paths lead to further decision points and complex outcomes. With such complex situations, we provide wisdom and assist you with conceiving and implementing your strategies.

This is our many years of business experience applied to your unique situation.

Business change takes place over time, and we are alongside as much or as little as you need while you implement. You can proceed with the confidence that we are fully “read in” to your aspirations for your business and can respond with ongoing passion, knowledge and wisdom when called upon.

Over our team’s combined years in accounting and business advisory, we have seen thousands of businesses carrying out all sorts of activities. We draw from this knowledge in many ways as we interpret your business and its unique opportunities and challenges.

Various team members have their own first-hand experience to draw from, whether that is involvement in their own business activities, or working alongside clients over the years. This experience, when combined with business knowledge and our professional skills allows us to deliver wisdom in the moment.

Remember that you and your business are totally unique. Seek unique and tailored advice.

As chartered accountants and business advisors, we are deeply passionate about people and business.